List of my pet pro­jects

Shopper perma­link

An app to help cal­cu­late your item bud­get Shopper

Keep Ninja perma­link

A re­minder to read your get­pocket list Keep Ninja

Covidbot perma­link

A bot to re­port cases in Bandung area fah­mi­fan/​covid­bot: Covid Update Bot Bandung

LRU Cache perma­link

A caching li­brary us­ing LRU LRU Cache. I learn about a prac­ti­cal use of dou­bly linked list & queue data struc­ture.

REST API Starter Kit in Go perma­link

A starter kit for REST API. Included in the kit: sqlc, post­gres, Oauth2, sim­ple RBAC and swag­ger docs Smol REST

Flycasbin perma­link

An ACL warp­per for cas­bin, it add type for Role, Resource, & Action, de­fine poli­cies in code. Also able to store & load poli­cies from DB Flycasbin.

Homed perma­link

A home me­dia ser­vice like Plex, writ­ten for mo­bile com­put­ing course as­sign­ment. I learn about video transcod­ing us­ing FFMPEG and video stream­ing us­ing HLS here Homemed. In the as­sign­ment, this app is de­ployed on a Raspi server. To com­pen­sate with the low spec Raspi, the transcod­ing did­n’t do any com­pres­sion and ren­di­tion, so it transcode fast.

Rebalance perma­link

A load bal­ance & re­verse proxy writ­ten in Go Rebalance

Autograde (WIP) perma­link

An auto grad­ing sys­tem for stu­dent code. I made it for my fac­ulty, be­cause they haven’t im­ple­ment one. Still in de­vel­op­ment, Autograde