Adb Meetup 4

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So last night i at­tend my first Android Developer Meetup in Bandung from ADB that held in Dicoding Space. The top­ics are about A/B Testing Using Firebase Remote Config” & Make a Android Starterkit us­ing Yeoman Generator”.

A/B Testing Using Firebase Remote Config perma­link

In this first talk they told us what is A/B test­ing, how to do it, and the tech­ni­cal part on do A/B test­ing us­ing the Firebase Remote Config.

What is A/B Testing perma­link

A/B Testing is used when you want to know what de­sign that works for your users. It can be dif­fer­ent de­sign of but­ton, check­out page, color scheme, fonts, ect.

How to do A/B Testing perma­link

First, you need to set your goal. What do you want to get from this test­ing.

Let’s say you have an on­line news/​magzine. Your users can read a part of your ar­ti­cle, but to read the full ar­ti­cle they need to sign in/up. So you want to in­crease the sign in/up rates from this.

Now you make a hy­poth­e­sis, the user will sign in if i make the but­ton in cap­sule in­stead of rec­tan­gle shape.

Then you make two ver­sion of it and send the new ver­sion you want to test to your sam­ple users.

Then af­ter you col­lect the data about your test. You can de­cide now, if the change on the but­ton af­fect the sign in/up rates to your app.

Comming soon: perma­link

  • A/B Testing us­ing Firebase Remote Config
  • Android Starter Kit Genereator us­ing Yeoman