New Project in Android

— 1 minute read

I have a pro­ject with my friends for MTQMN DAQ. It’s an an­droid app with a fea­ture kind of to de­tect your recita­tion. It’s still WIP and i worked on the an­droid de­vel­op­ment, while my friends work on Machine Learning and as a pro­ject man­ager. This pro­ject is chal­leng­ing, be­cause i am new to an­droid de­vel­op­ment and try­ing to make a good de­ci­sion about ar­chi­tec­ture and de­sign is not easy. I need to read more about de­sign pat­tern, RxJava2, and ma­te­r­ial de­sign. I hope i can make it on time and qual­i­fied to the fi­nal round :).

I’d like to post my jour­ney of mak­ing this apps in fu­ture posts. Well, my eng­lish is not that good, so i might use Bahasa Indonesia if it’s too dif­fi­cullt for me to ex­plain it in eng­lish. Hahaha!