Move Blog to Hugo

— 1 minute read

So, i just tried Hugo and it was su­per easy to build sta­tic web. The in­stal­la­tion is faster and eas­ier com­pare to jekyll. The build time is also fast. Will try to ex­plore later. The de­ploy is easy, you only need to write some script there is ex­am­ple from Hugo if you us­ing Unix, and then run the script. If you us­ing Github for User , af­ter the script run then it will push into the mas­ter branch and fi­nally up­dated into your github pages. But i have bad ex­pe­ri­ence us­ing this, when i try­ing netlify i just don’t know how to make it worked, it keep er­ror when try to fetch submodules. This is the first time i used git submodules and it was like wast­ing my time. But i just too cu­ri­ous, and end up hours of googling, but in the end i get what i want.