One sprint, One App

— 1 minute read

For the last week I do sprint for mak­ing a food app. When i go to col­lege, some­times i have to stay overnight in my friends house. Doing home­work make us hun­gry and when we want to or­der food we don’t have the menus and it was an­noy­ing so i want to make a we­bapp to dis­play a menus of small restau­rants there. It build us­ing ReactJs, tachyons, & styled-com­po­nents for fron­tend & lu­men for back­end api. It’s still in de­vel­op­ment but the core fea­ture is done, it left the lo­gin and adding re­views for a restau­rant fea­tures. This is my first pro­ject out­side the col­lege tasks and i have a lot of trou­ble and fun. Still progress to fin­ish­ing all fea­tures and then de­ploy it to the web.